The One Who Knows

Is there some challenge you are working through today that you could use some extra support with? An old stuckness; some health issues; relationship dynamics you would like to change; a visionary idea that you would like to bring to life?

If you go far enough back in history, you will find someone in your family lineage who has faced something similar to what you are going through. This is The One Who Knows. You may have never met them in person and may not have much biographical information about them. But even so, can trust that One Who Knows is there.

Guided Ritual

The One Who Knows

Creating a personal ritual for The One Who Knows

Choose one object to represent The Challenge you are facing today and one object to represent The One Who Knows. Let The One Who Knows see The Challenge. You might like to write a letter detailing out what you are currently facing and place it near them. A key word to help activate this connection is “Please,” said inwardly or outwardly.

Following this ritual set an intention for some amount of time — 10, 30, 60 minutes to take a walk in nature, where you are open to signs and messages of guidance from The One Who Knows.