The Beloved One

There is a lot of emphasis these days on healing intergenerational trauma. But an important first step is to look towards all of the intergenerational amazingness that is in each family. Often it is hiding in plain sight. For this reason we start with a ritual for The Beloved One.

Was there someone in your family who is particularly well-remembered and well-loved? During their lifetime they may have done something very admirable or heroic; or overcome some exceptional circumstances; or simply showed their love for those around them in a way that was special. Cultivating a relationship with The Beloved One can help enliven their positive qualities and strengthen us in the here and now.

Guided Ritual

The Beloved One

Creating a personal ritual for The Beloved One

After doing the guided ritual, take one object to represent you and one to represent The Beloved One. Place them in front of you in a conscious way, noticing how close or how far apart these two are and which way they are facing. In your mind’s eye, feel yourself turn towards The Beloved One, seeing and feeling the ways in which you are similar. Take a moment to simply feel the resonance.

See if within you, there is an inward acknowledgement of “Thank You” towards The Beloved One. You may want to say the words “Thank You” out loud or simply feel it inwardly as you look towards the object representing them. See if there is something you would like to offer them as a form of remembrance — a flower; or write them a letter describing all of the ways you and your life paths are similar. Leave your offering near the object representing them.

After you make this gesture of remembering and “Thank You,” see if you can sense The Beloved One responding in some way — with a smile; a softening; or feeling their blessing for you and your life. Leave the objects in the ritual space for a few days, letting yourself be open to the surprising ways the blessings from The Beloved One come through.