Active volcano at Geldingadalir, Iceland, where the European and American tectonic plates meet. May 2021.

What is the nucleus, the kernel, the hot core of human life?

Three kinds of life energy

Jan Jacob Stam describes thee forms of life energy:

1. Explosive energy
It works randomly; when it is blocked it can feel like extreme frustration; when it unblocks it can feel like a volcano exploding; affecting anybody in its path no matter who they are

2. Killing energy
has victim perpetrator within it. underlying is the unspoken sentence “I want to kill you; I want to get rid of you.” Can feel like a soldier, executing someone else’s strong energy that they may be still holding.

3. Warrior energy
is not against something; it is in favor of doing something, moving something, creating the cracks where the light comes in. One can work a garden with warrior energy, practically forcing plants to grow; deciding where is the energy directed to.