How to Sense and Perceive Systemic Dynamics

Systemic constellations is known as technique that finds “a way out of no way,” as the process has helped many people find personal relief from old patterns that seemed calcified and unmoveable. Constellations are particularly well-suited to address conditions that have been chronic; for states of mind that have been present “for as long as […]

The Systemic Principles Behind Family Constellations

Being part of a family constellation process often feels like seeing an elaborate and longstanding mystery becoming solved. There is almost always a missing piece, and when it is discovered, it has the quality of finding a piece of the puzzle that was hiding in plain sight. What gives constellations the quality of being obvious […]

Recommended Reading on Systemic Constellations

Constellations make sense intuitively when you see them in person, but are notoriously difficult to describe since they work from a place beyond words. These are some of the most helpful introductory materials available about the history of constellations, how they work, and what you can expect when you attend a constellations workshop for the […]

We Are Indeed Conscious

When I pick up my phone and thumb through the news of the day, I see the world presented through a distorted lens. There is an endless stream of careful reporting, but only on the most extreme negativity in humanity. Little else is told but of the harrowing and heartbreaking things human beings have done […]