How to bring a visionary idea to life

Everyone has the capacity to develop an idea that will make a positive impact; they just may not know how to make it happen.

I facilitate an intuitive process with individuals and teams for early stage visioning to sense into the underlying potential and direction within new creative ideas.

Based on systemic constellations and living systems theory, this process involves guided questioning, simulation of future scenarios, and embodiment exercises.

The end result is a clarified vision for your new product, ways to navigate potential challenges, and an actionable blueprint for how to bring it to life – ultimately giving you conviction in the decisions you make.

How it works

This is not a typical brainstorming or sticky-note session. Unlike all the other usual analysis you’ve probably already done with the cognitive mind, this is for getting out of your head and into an embodied awareness of what is true about your offering, your audience, and the upcoming future.

We look at your offering and audience, as an interconnected system — also recognizing that you and your team are part of the system. Keeping this system in mind, we explore the current questions you wish to address.

This gives us a more nuanced understanding of the factors impacting your current situation; where you can leverage larger social patterns; and how you can grow and innovate more effortlessly.

We focus on mining for insights on:

When is the ideal time for visioning?

on the market

What topics work best for visioning?


Go from fuzzy idea to shaping an offering

  • Clarify business identity, mission, reason for being
  • Define a new product or service offering
  • Prioritize features


Define an audience and connect in a meaningful way​

  • Prioritize audiences, users, market segments

  • Prioritize which channel to use to reach each audience

  • Diagnose missed connections


Set up structures for giving and taking with customers

  • Set pricing and other avenues for exchange

  • Increase level of meaningful engagement with customers


Communicate about your offering with full expression

  • Test messaging, communications, branding
  • Diagnose and resolve what is inhibiting full expression

Align with the Emerging Future

The big piece that is missing from most planning is factoring in the Emerging Future — the larger social, cultural, economic, and evolutionary currents already underway.

We assume that your idea did not come out of thin air, but has an origin, a goal, and a destination it is aiming to reach. By the time is has already arrived to you as a fuzzy concept, there are larger trends that can support the unfolding of the idea.

In this process we explore the direction of your offering and how aligning with the Emerging Future informs different facets of the product and the people who engage with it.

The process


The first step is a 1-hour discovery consultation where I learn more about what you are working on, your aspirations, and current challenges.

Visioning Process

A 3-hour session where facets of your offering, your audience, and where they are heading come to life


In the following week we meet for a 1-hour debrief session to synthesize findings and create a roadmap for next steps.