Can systemic constellations help
address our societal challenges?

Introducing Systemic Constellations for inner and outer transformation

We need new approaches for the design and social innovation challenges we face today. Design thinking and human-centered design have advanced social innovation significantly, but these tools alone are not enough to address the unprecedented perils we face today.

Uncover and leverage embodied ways of knowing

Systemic constellations provide a unique and dynamic way to leverage not only our analytical, thinking forms of problem solving, but also more relational, embodied ways of knowing. As we create a living map of our social change projects, we can draw on embodied ways of knowing to maximize our collective impact.

Start with your own place within a system

We start with our own place within a system. An understanding of our own purpose and power helps us to clarify the leverage points that will have the most impact with the least amount of effort.

Getting embodied insights involves “systems sensing” in addition to systems thinking. While it does require time and commitment to learn, by the end of the course you will be able to apply these techniques to a wide variety of social innovation challenges.

Integrate systems sensing with systems thinking

At each of six live sessions is a presentation of tools, frameworks, and techniques drawing from systemic constellations and living systems theory. 

Participants are invited to bring the projects they are involved with for the full group to apply a systemic constellations process.
Each session includes small and large group exercises where you can apply what we are learning to your own cases.

New skills for new challenges

Over the course of three months you will learn:

  • How to see a product, service, or personal offering as a living system
  • Create a living map of key players within a system
  • Embodied insights practices to diagnose what is flowing well and what is out of balance  
  • What inner and outer interventions are needed to bring more equity and balance to a system
  • How to understand your place of strength as a designer, founder, or member in the systems you are creating 

This course is for:

  • People working for a more just and equitable society
  • People creating new products, services, and programs
  • Designers, product owners, founders, entrepreneurs, and social change leaders
  • Utopians

Created and offered by:

Alissa Fleet is a systemic constellations facilitator and has worked for many years in user experience strategy. She is passionate to bring about healing and transformation for ourselves and society.

Schedule and Format

We will create a supportive, reflective space to learn and experiment.   

Start dates to be announced 
6 – 8 pm ET 

Course Fees

Investment: to be announced USD; Early registration: to be announced

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