Learn a new method for defining new products and services, which ideas have the most potential, and how to bring them to life.

Many people are now working on new ideas to make a positive impact and create a more sustainable world. At this interactive workshop I will be sharing how systems thinking opens up creative avenues for design and innovation challenges.

As early stage entrepreneurs and people with a visionary idea, we may know how to create a minimum viable product, do market research, and understand the needs of each stakeholder. But what happens when we look at the ecosystem we are creating as a whole? What is happening in the space between each component? What new possibilities do we see? What opportunities become obvious?

Following a brief overview all will have the opportunity to create a living map for a product, service, or new business idea. This process is based on the practice of systemic constellations. Walk away with a new method for how to apply systems thinking to the business or design projects you are working on.

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Workshop format: One hour conducted via Zoom