Rituals of Remembrance

In every family there are heros, heroines, villains, and outcasts; people who are easy to love, and people who feel impossible to love. There have most definitely been great triumphs and death-defying difficulties.
With these rituals of remembrance we can begin the process of healing ancestral patterns by remembering the beloved ones; consciously naming those who have been forgotten or excluded; remembering where our people came from; and honoring all that is part of the life we have today.
There is a lot of emphasis these days on healing intergenerational trauma. But an important first step is to look towards all of the intergenerational amazingness that is in each family. Often it is hiding in plain sight. For this reason we start with a ritual for The Beloved One.

Guided Rituals

The Beloved One

The Forgotten One

The Land

Life Itself

You will need

Some little stones & objects from nature

Real or paper flowers

Scroll of paper to write the names of significant people, places, events

A few minutes of peace and quiet

A pinch of cornmeal or tobacco

A spot for your ritual to sit for a few days

What is Family Constellations?

These rituals are drawn from the practice of Family Constellations, which is a healing modality that takes an intergenerational perspective.

The systemic principles behind constellations

Seeing a constellation unfold often feels like seeing an elaborate and longstanding mystery becoming solved. There is almost always a missing piece, and when it is discovered, it has the quality of finding a piece of the puzzle that was hiding in plain sight.