A six-week course to discover your true offering in these changing times and live more fully into your life's work.

There is a wave of change underway that is catalyzing many of us to do something new. It is now becoming possible to actualize ideas that we may have been thinking about for years.
In this course we will be guided in an exploration of the world of work from a heart-centered perspective, drawing on practices from systemic constellations. By the end of the course, you’ll have a clear understanding of what your offering is and how it can best connect with the outer world.

What is the work that wants to come through you? What is the work that connects with your purpose and potential? What is the work that makes use of your gifts and talents and feels authentically "you?"

Who is this for?

  • for people who find themselves wondering “am I living my purpose?”
  • for people who are concerned about the world they see and want to contribute their gifts and talents in the best way possible
  • for people who want to get a new perspective on living a life of meaning

What we do

We meet virtually each week for learning and embodied practices to explore the world of work from a wider perspective.

We begin from the assumption that there is a vital river of life running through each person, that has a direction and a destination in mind. Using systems thinking practices, we can come to know a lot about what life “wants to do” and how it can best connect with the outer world.

This is a process that connects head and heart; what we have known for a long time with our thinking minds; and what we can come to know through intuitive, embodied practices.

How it works

Pre-Class Assignment

You will receive questions for reflection to begin the forward momentum before our first meeting.

Six Live Class Sessions

Introducing key aspects of the systems thinking perspective on work and exploring them in an embodied way.

Integration Homework

After each class you will be given personal rituals, practices, and questions for reflection to activate your inner wisdom.

Private Discussion Board

Stay connected between meetings and take note of new insights.

Wrap-up Call

Private call with Alissa to receive reflections and recommendations to move forward with confidence on the next steps for your offering.

Next dates TBA

To create an intimate space for sharing, only the teaching material is recorded. You are encouraged to be there in person for the live sessions, but can always go back and review the recorded teaching material

Upcoming dates TBA

"We all belong to an interconnected whole. When one part of a system is out of balance, it affects the whole. When we take action to rebalance that part, it spontaneously rebalances the entire system and life can move forward again in a renewed, energized way."