Inspired by looking at social issues from a systemic perspective and the practice of systemic constellations

The mind is too coarse an instrument to gather deeper signals from the world This is the role of the body as the sensorium. — Bonnita Roy

Too Coarse an Instrument

There was a lot of resonance when I came across Bonnie’s work. Not only for mind-expanding perspectives on consciousness and ways of knowing — but because she stewards a 10-acre farm in New England and connects many of her findings to what she knows about training horses. 🐎

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Sandy Neck, by Don Fleet

Creation Stories

“There are 405 creation stories in Australia.  They are all different.  And they are all true.” “How so Uncle?”  “They’re true for the people who tell them in the place where they are told.”  — As told by Lewis Mehl-Madrona in conversation with Uncle Albert, an elder from East Gippsland,

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Original Thinking: A Radical Revisioning of Time, Humanity, and Nature

Thinking = Thanking

The origin of the English word “thinking” was actually “thanking.” This is also true in French, Dutch, German, fresian, old Anglo-Saxon, and possibly more…  how does this make sense?  it could be that originally all of our thoughts were prayers  all our thoughts served to connect us with creation  our

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mick cooper

How to build a society for flourishing

The self-care industrial complex relegates care to something we are supposed to buy for ourselves on a personal basis. But happiness is not an individual matter; wellness is not an individual matter. What’s out there effects what’s in here and vice versa.  A progressive is someone who wants to see

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