Online Course

The Art of Possibility

Take your ideas for a new business or creative project and shape them into something tangible and ready to meet the world.

Do you have a visionary idea but don’t know exactly where to begin? This course is designed to guide you through the transformative process of taking your ideas from conceptual stage to a viable offering.

What we’ll do

Go From Fuzzy Idea to Formation 🌱

  • Navigate the early stages and overcome challenges in the concepting phase
  • Develop a holistic awareness of what you are creating

Define and Articulate 🖋️

  • Crystallize your vision and define your offering
  • Articulate your mission, essence, your “why” in a memorable way

Engage Your Audience ❣️

  • Define the audiences that will benefit most from your offering
  • Prioritize strategies to engage with your people

Allow for the Emerging Future 🌈

  • Envision a future beyond conventional boundaries
  • Design for “what wants to happen” through your offering

Do the Inner Work 🚀

  • Get insight on the mindset shifts needed for your offering to flourish
  • Cultivate a wider sense of possibility that allows for unseen opportunities

Make an Impact 🌎

  • Connect your offering with the systemic changes you want to see in the world
  • Find the sweet spot between “too big” and “too small” to focus your efforts

New skills for new challenges

At each of six live sessions there is a presentation of tools, frameworks, and experiential practices to get clarity around your offering.

We’ll walk through step-by-step how to see your offering in a holistic way.

Uncover embodied ways of knowing

We will draw from the practice of Systemic Constellations, a unique way to leverage not only our analytical, thinking forms of problem solving, but also more relational, embodied ways of knowing. As we create a living map of our projects, we will be drawing on embodied ways of knowing to maximize our impact.

Start with your own place within a system

We start with our own place within the system. This understanding of our own purpose and power helps us to clarify the leverage points that will have the most impact with the least amount of effort.

This course is for:

  • Anyone in the midst of creating something new — a business, project, creative offering, social impact initiative

  • Social change leaders working for a more just and equitable society

  • Helping professionals — Therapists, Healers, Coaches who are starting a new practice or changing things up

  • Designers, Product Owners, Visionaries 

Created and offered by:

Alissa Fleet is an advisor on Design Strategy and a Certified Facilitator of Systemic Constellations. She is passionate to bring about healing and transformation for ourselves and society.

Schedule and Format

6 weekly meetings
Live sessions are 2 hours each 

We will create a supportive, reflective space to learn and experiment. Attending live is encouraged, however sessions are recorded to review afterwards. 

Starts March 19, 2024
Meet weekly on Tuesdays @ 3 – 5 pm PT (San Francisco); 6 – 8 pm ET (NYC)

(no meeting April 9)

Investment: $497 USD; Early registration before Feb 6: $397 USD

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