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Possibility Circle

A relational community for women creative professionals to bring energy and aliveness into our relationships, work, and sense of purpose.

We are creating a space: 

  • where inner transformative work can be held
  • for contributing to a world of balance, mutuality, flourishing, and joy
  • for genuine connection with like-minded friends

We know that there is a wider field possibility available to us, and that being in community is the easiest way to stay connected to what matters.

This community is facilitated by Alissa Fleet, drawing on holistic practices from Family & Systemic Constellations and traditional knowledge systems.

Monthly Activities 

Possibility Circle 🌈

  • Embodied exercises based on constellations. For example, meet with ‘My Full Potential,’ ‘My True Self,‘ ‘Money and Me,‘ ‘The Stuckness,’ ‘Supportive and Loving Ancestors‘
  • Reflective activities, writing prompts, and sharing
  • 90-min Zoom session

Bi-weekly Prompts ✏️

  • Questions for reflection, writing prompts, inspiration, and reflective practices 
  • Sent by email 

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Upcoming circles: June 5,  July 10, Aug 7, Sept 4, Oct 2, Nov 6, Dec 4

All @ 1 – 2:30pm ET via Zoom

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Community Guidelines 

Circle Technology

Each person is seen as a teacher and healer. Each voice matters as we create a space that is inclusive and welcoming.



We respect the sovereignty and agency of each person and encourage adult-to-adult interaction so that our gifts and talents can flow.


What is said in the circle stays there. We show up for the relationship, intimacy, spontaneity, and magic.

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Created and offered by:

Alissa Fleet is a Systems Thinking Experience Designer, Healing Arts Practitioner, and curious person.

The first 20 years of her professional life were focused on Experience Design, leading redesigns for high profile brands at top design agencies.

She has a longstanding interest in inner and outer transformation and holds space for individuals to reconnect to their inner knowing and source of aliveness through identifying the blockages keeping them from expressing their true selves and releasing burdens they may be carrying.

Her work explores inner wisdom, connecting to purpose, traditional knowledge systems, while confronting individual, familial, and collective trauma for our shared restoration.

She has learned from many spiritual traditions and sees the way deep personal and collective healing is possible when we expand our connection with the natural world, renew our sense of belonging with the wisdom traditions of our ancestors, and develop a close and trusting dialogue with our own inner guidance.

She is a Facilitator of Family and Systemic Constellations, which is a practice for healing from intergenerational wounds, and opening up a greater flow of love and life-givingness.

Alissa offers one-on-one mentoring sessions, trainings, workshops, and creative collaborations.

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