Systemic Design
Call for Pilot Participants

I am looking for social entrepreneurs to participate in a pilot program on how systems thinking can be applied for product design and development challenges.

This involves a study of how a systemic constellations process can be used to improve the interaction between a product or service offering, multiples audiences, and the founders or project teams. Systemic constellations is a reflective process for finding ways to address problems that have multiple underlying causes.



This study is open for:

  • Social innovation initiatives
  • Projects to address economic and racial inequities
  • Re-imagining communities and societies
  • Environmental sustainability challenges



  • One hour interview to learn about your project
  • A 90-minute systemic constellations process where multiple product directions and audiences are evaluated from a systemic perspective
  • A debrief scheduled following the process
  • With your permission the findings will be anonymized and published as a case study



By participating in this study you’ll learn:

  • New insights into current product directions you are considering
  • Reflections and perspective on audiences and project plans you may not have otherwise considered



Please share some background about you project and I will reach out with more details.