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I use a variety of methodologies to work on ambiguous, messy problems. Each challenge requires a unique approach; I draw frequently from design thinking with iterative cycles of: learn, design, test, repeat. Projects typically have three stages:


Explore the richest possibilities beyond current product offerings. Dig deep to find out what motivates the audience, and discover what their real needs and drivers are.


Take abstract ideas and make them tangible. Develop concepts that will help organizations connect meaningfully with customers, and become more responsive to human needs.


Refine prototypes of products and services through customer observation and real-time feedback in both lab and real world environments. Analyze quantitative feedback to help inform how to move forward.


Design Research

I create research programs to discover attitudes, motivations, trends, and mental models. Listening to people and observing behavior in their native environment shows how they are influeced by culture and what new cultural trends may be emerging. This process helps bring to light opportunities that may not have been considered before and provides a framework to drive the design innovation process. Design Research includes ethnographic studies, in-depth interviews, quant analysis, and desk research. I typically oversee end-to-end planning, moderation, synthesis, and presenting insights in memorable ways.

Design Direction

I lead design teams to help bring new product concepts to life. This can range from hand drawn sketches, to high-fidelity wireframes, visual comps, clickable prototypes, and development ready design. Working in the digital space since the late 90s, I have worked on a wide range of design deliverables, from shippable software, to websites, mobile apps, call center, and service design experiences.

Experience Strategy

I work with project stakeholders to define project goals and marry the goals with insights about end-user behavior. This typically involves doing a deep dive on stakeholder goals; the industry and competitive space; and the product strategy to date. Frequently I work with teams to generate new options through brainstorming workshops and design thinking exercises. Typical outputs are product roadmaps; customer journeys; and detailed requirements definition with a strong lens on what will resonate with end-users.


I’ve had the pleasure of working on digital transformations for businesses, startups, non-profits, and co-ops. I particularly enjoy partnering with organizations that are working to positively effect change in the world.

Some stories of recent projects.



Ethnographic research
Usability testing
Quantitative analysis
Competitive audits


Requirements gathering
Business analysis


Information architecture
Interaction design


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Alissa Fleet
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