For Emerging Businesses and Creative Work

The focus of the Incubator is on defining and shaping a business or creative offering, based on systems thinking and embodied design.

Weekly live sessions: 90 mins for constellations, embodiment practices, intention setting, Q&A

Class recordings: are sent once a week on Fridays. These will be in addition to the live sessions, about the systems thinking view of creating an offering.

Dates: aiming for Wednesdays with the first live session Jan 19th (timings will be 12 pm ET or 7pm ET based on people’s availability). Participation is rolling month to month, so you can add / drop anytime.

Cost: only $150 / month

Group size: will be intimate, from 6-12 people

Who’s it for: anyone who has something new they are cooking up; creative work, a health and wellness practice; a social change movement; a business idea to change the world.

Themes we'll address

  • Creating your product, service, or creative offering
  • Finding supportive resources for your vision
  • Prioritizing audiences and customers
  • Marketing and sharing about your offering
  • Money and investors
  • Playing out future scenarios for your offering
  • Building a team of collaborators
  • Staying grounded, energized, fulfilled


Additional topics will be added based on the interests of the group

To Register

Leave your name and a bit about what you are working on and I will let you know when registration opens.

Registration will officially open when there are ~6 people interested, aiming to start the week of January 19th.