8 weekly class sessions Sept 6 - Oct 27, 2022

In every family there are heros, heroines, villains, and outcasts; people who are easy to love, and people who feel impossible to love. There have most definitely been great triumphs and death-defying difficulties.

We will be exploring how these people and events influence our lives today. We’ll learn how it is possible to come into relationship with the treasures in our family lineage that have been hiding in plain sight. And we will activate a closer relationship with those ancestors who can can most empower us.

Who is this for?

  • for people who are interested in how intergenerational healing can transform our inner and outer worlds
  • people who are want to create new ways of celebrating who they are and where they come from
  • all those who want to empower their life, relationships, and work with the strength that comes through their family lineage

Register your interest

Let me know if you may be interested in this course and I will let you know when more details and registration is open.

"We all belong to an interconnected whole. When one part of a system is out of balance, it affects the whole. When we take action to rebalance that part, it spontaneously rebalances the entire system and life can move forward again in a renewed, energized way."