How constellations serve as a guide for transformative times

When pursuing a new vision, most everyone comes up against core questions about who they are, what they want from life, and what’s standing in the way.

As we aspire to develop something new or make a life change, it can be challenging to reexamine the ground we stand on and walk away from the old way of doing things. Constellations provides a way through this transition, to release the old so that you can be more effective in redesigning your world in a way that supports who you are today.

As you start doing the inner work of transformation, new outer possibilities open up to change your life and be of service to changing the world.

Do you ever find yourself asking these questions?

Is it time to leave?

Pattern and habit often keep us in place beyond when the time is ripe to go. If it is time, there is such a thing as leaving well and in a way that empowers our next steps.

What is my purpose?

There *is* a clear direction where your life is heading. The problem is, you may not know the destination until you arrive. Even so, you can get a view of the overall arc when you step back, and any existential angst about purpose can then relax.

Why do I always work so hard?

If you feel like you are carrying excess burdens and a greater sense of responsibility than everybody else, you probably are. There is always a big “Why” behind this, that can be clearly found and released.

Am I living my full potential?

In systemic work there is a science of potential where we can even measure, how much of my full potential am I utilizing today: 50%? 75%? If you are not letting your full vitality shine, it is always for good reason.

What does life want from me?

There is only so far we can get with to-do lists and goal setting. These are only one part of the story. You need to also look at what the evolutionary impulse, life itself is asking of you. Is there some new work that wants to live through you?

How can I get un-stuck?

There is a gold mine of valuable information in stuckness. You get un-stuck by seeing and acknowledging the thing the stuckness is pointing to. If it's an old stuck-ness it may not be easy to do without someone holding space for you.

I've found the work I love – now where are my customers?

Through the systemic perspective we can actually test the relationship between the thing you most want to offer the world and who is receptive, eager, and waiting to connect with this offering.

How can I be more open to money and abundance?

Did your people, your culture, have intimate knowledge of feast or famine? Haves and have nots? Which side were they on? These distant echoes can show up in how we relate to money and abundance today.

Why do I always find myself in the same relationship dynamics?

The people we form work and personal relationships with always have some resonance with the people we come from. When we change the way the pattern operates for us internally, the relationship shifts in turn.

What is constellations?

Systemic constellations is a therapeutic modality and problem-solving technique that looks at the relationships between each member of a social system. It was originally developed by Bert Hellinger in the aftermath of World War II where he noted the how trauma experienced in one generation effected those in later generations. From family systems the technique was later extended to understand interpersonal dynamics within businesses, organizations, and societies. 

“Systemic” refers to looking at any living system as an interconnected whole; “constellation” refers to the way each member of a social system is mapped in order to clarify the larger webs each one belongs to.

How it works

Through a process that includes prompts for reflection, visualization exercises, and embodiment practices, I guide you back to your own inner knowing to find the answers that are true for you. Ways constellations can help:

Resolve intergenerational patterns ​​

In places where inherited patterns are holding you back, trace them back to their roots where they first started so that they can be permanently resolved, allowing you to live more freely.

Redesign your professional identity ​​

Learn how to identify your gifts and talents and incorporate them into a professional identity that is meaningful and contributes to society.​

Find sources of support for your personal goals ​

Personal goals do not simply emerge out of the ether — they have an origin and sources of support. Find and connect with your personal sources of strength to help your goals grow and unfold more effortlessly.

Take your place in a changing world ​​

When you're at a crossroads or have a million ideas about where to go next, we’ll take a step back and see your situation from a wider perspective, giving us the answers to how you can make an impact.

My take on constellations

The systemic principles behind constellations

Seeing a constellation unfold often feels like seeing an elaborate and longstanding mystery becoming solved. There is almost always a missing piece, and when it is discovered, it has the quality of finding a piece of the puzzle that was hiding in plain sight.

We all belong to an interconnected whole. When one part of a system is out of balance, it affects the whole. When we take action to rebalance that part, it spontaneously rebalances the entire system and life can move forward again in a renewed, energized way.

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