Constellation Sessions

New ways of seeing for inner & outer change ​

This is a process that guides you to see, feel, and know the inner workings of your situation. 

There is this amazingness of life running through you and so we tune in to what this life wants to do. What are its promptings, urgings, longings? What is it asking for and where does it want to go next?

How constellations serve as a guide for transformative times​

When pursuing a new vision, most everyone comes up against core questions about who they are, what they want from life, and what’s standing in the way.

As we aspire to develop something new or make a life change, it can be challenging to reexamine the ground we stand on and walk away from the old way of doing things. Constellations provides a way through this transition, to release the old so that you can be more effective in redesigning your world in a way that supports who you are today.

As you start doing the inner work of transformation, new outer possibilities open up to change your life and be of service to changing the world.

Do you ever find yourself asking these questions?​

Pattern and habit often keep us in place beyond when the time is ripe to go. If it is time, there is such a thing as leaving well and in a way that empowers our next steps.

There *is* a clear direction where your life is heading. The problem is, you may not know the destination until you arrive. Even so, you can get a view of the overall arc when you step back, and any existential angst about purpose can then relax.

If you feel like you are carrying excess burdens and a greater sense of responsibility than everybody else, you probably are. There is always a big “Why” behind this, that can be clearly found and released.

In systemic work there is a science of potential where we can even measure, how much of my full potential am I utilizing today: 50%? 75%? If you are not letting your full vitality shine, it is always for good reason.

There is only so far we can get with to-do lists and goal setting. These are only one part of the story. You need to also look at what the evolutionary impulse, life itself is asking of you. Is there some new work that wants to live through you?

There is a gold mine of valuable information in stuckness. You get un-stuck by seeing and acknowledging the thing the stuckness is pointing to. If it’s an old stuck-ness it may not be easy to do without someone holding space for you.

Did your people, your culture, have intimate knowledge of feast or famine? Haves and have nots? Which side were they on? These distant echoes can show up in how we relate to money and abundance today.

The people we form work and personal relationships with always have some resonance with the people we come from. When we change the way the pattern operates for us internally, the relationship shifts in turn.

Nauset Light, Eastham

Who I work with

I work with creative people of all sorts & people who sense there is “something more” they want to be doing.

  • Creatives, writers, poets, artists, designers
  • Revolutionaries, evolutionaries, dreamers
  • Helpers, healers, therapists
  • Energetic types, introverts, sensitives
  • People who no longer fit into old paradigms and are on the edge of something new

We very often go on a journey of discovery to clarify this new thing that is emerging and this old thing that is ready to be let go.

What we work on ​​

Coming home

Letting go of old stories — 
the ones 
that no longer serve 
and the ones 
that were never yours to begin with

Breaking the spell 
Letting what is dead 
Be Dead 
Letting what is loved 
Be Loved 
Be Lived

Taking risks 
Taking responsibility 
Taking your power
Taking your place

Standing in the stream 
The fullness of the life force 
Expanding the horizon of possibility 
Where something entirely new can happen now

How it works

We talk and sense in to what’s going on. We may bring in representatives for different players in the system.  

I make guesses. I get things wrong. And then we hit on something that rings true. 

Your own felt sense is the guide. We keep going until we find the thing that is so true, it brings about a re-cognition, and a spontaneous reorganization. 

We don’t need to force. We are looking for that insight that lets you hold things in a different way. That One that gets life and love flowing again. 

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