The Gift of Community

These will be small circles of like-minded friends to learn together on these topics. We’ll meet for 4-8 weeks over Zoom. 

Save your spot here if you are interested in joining. For all those who express interest I will keep you posted about dates and send you inspiration on these themes over the holidays. 


Tarot for Intuition

Tarot beginners welcome!

  • Learn how to work with the rich symbolic language of Tarot to develop your intuition. 

  • Experiment with practices for noticing synchronicities. 

  • See the Tarot as a Constellator – as a way to find a greater flow of love, creativity, and aliveness. 


Reclaiming Connection with Land & Lineage

Based on Family Constellations

  • Break free from old patterns & make peace with the past 

  • Feel more connected to where we come from and the natural world 

  • Celebrate our identity even when it’s complicated 


Wild Idea Alchemy

Based on Business and Organizational Constellations

  • Take your wild ideas about how to change the world and shape them into something real. 

  • Clarify what your offering is, who it’s for, and why you do it. 

  • Visioning for where you want to go and how to get unstuck.