An intentional circle to draw closer the strength and wisdom passed down through our ancestral lineage and activate support for our goals in the year to come.

In the holiday season that is so much about family and tradition, we will be gathering to transform the relationship with our ancestors and create new traditions of healing, connection, and empowerment.

In every family there are heros, heroines, villains, and outcasts; people who are easy to love, and people who feel impossible to love. There have most definitely been great triumphs and death-defying difficulties. We’ll be exploring how these people and events influence our lives today. We’ll learn how it is possible to come into relationship with the treasures in our family lineage that have been hiding in plain sight. And we will activate a closer relationship with those ancestors who can can most empower us.

Who is this for?

  • people who are ready to create new ways of celebrating who they are and where they come from
  • all those who want to empower their life, relationships, and work with the strength that comes through their family lineage
  • for people who are interested in how intergenerational healing can transform our inner and outer worlds

Join the Virtual Retreat

For those who would like to join an intimate circle of fellow explorers, we will be creating a sacred space to dive deeper with Zoom calls and a private discussion board.
The virtual retreat includes:

Ancestral Medicine Bundle and Solstice Ceremony Kit in the *actual* mail

You will receive an ancestral medicine bundle; a booklet with the personal rituals we will be creating; and materials for a special ceremony for the winter solstice. These will arrive to you like magic, in the actual mail.

Ancestor Homework

Each week you will receive prompts and practices to activate a healing relationship with your ancestors. Take the assignments that speak to your heart and share your reflections on the Virtual Retreat discussion board.

Two Live Sessions

At the beginning and end of the holidays we will meet for intention setting, an embodied group practice of family constellations, Q&A, and celebrating our discoveries.
Dates and times:
  • Wednesdays
  • 4-6 pm San Francisco
  • 7-9 pm NYC
  • 10 am – 12 noon Sydney (following mornings)
To maintain an intimate space for sharing, these sessions are not recorded.

Personal Constellation Sessions

You have the option to go deeper in your healing with personal constellation sessions. A recommended starting point is to focus on healing in:
  • your mother’s lineage
  • your father’s lineage, and
  • activating a relationship with an ancestor to support your goals for the coming year.

These are held 1-1 with Alissa via Zoom.

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Virtual Retreat and Live Sessions

  • Full access to Virtual Retreat materials and sharings
  • Ancestral Medicine Bundle and Solstice Ceremony Kit mailed to you
  • Live Sessions Dec 1 and 29

Virtual Retreat, Live Sessions, plus a Personal Constellation Session

  • Full access to Virtual Retreat materials and sharings
  • Ancestral Medicine Bundle and Solstice Ceremony Kit mailed to you
  • Live Sessions Dec 1 and 29
  • One Personal Constellation session

"We all belong to an interconnected whole. When one part of a system is out of balance, it affects the whole. When we take action to rebalance that part, it spontaneously rebalances the entire system and life can move forward again in a renewed, energized way."